Spring Is in the Air! Prepare Your HVAC System With a Pre-Season Tune-up

With spring comes the joys of Mother Nature. Blooming flowers, chirping birds, and a welcome break in cold weather are just a few of the benefits we earth-dwellers enjoy when spring rounds the corner.

Unfortunately, springtime also means an excess of allergens and pollens circulating in the air. As hard as we try, it’s nearly impossible to keep all of that pesky pollen out of our home’s air.

This season, protect your home with a pre-season tune-up of your HVAC system. Read more to learn how you can protect your home (and your nose) with the help of an annual HVAC tune-up.

HVAC, Springtime, and Allergies

We all know that HVAC systems are crucial to caring for a home’s environment. As the primary mechanism that moderates your home’s temperature, HVAC systems help your home heat up in the winter and cool down in the summer.

But a robust HVAC system can also purify your home’s air. How does it do this? Primarily through your HVAC filters.

As your HVAC system sucks air into the vents to recirculate it, most of your home’s dust, pollens, and allergens are caught by your HVAC filter. If it’s working correctly, the filter prevents allergens from re-entering your home.

However, they do collect quite a heavy amount of pollen. To ensure your filter is ready for a new season, schedule a tune-up to have it cleaned thoroughly.

Additionally, HVAC systems require proper cleaning to clear out mildew buildup. When there is too much mildew in your HVAC system, it circulates into your home’s air. Many people find that mildew worsens their allergies in the springtime.

By completing your annual tune-up, you eliminate mold and mildew inside your HVAC equipment. There’s nothing like clean air to relieve stubborn allergy symptoms.

Our Services

At Cascade Mechanical, we deliver a series of robust services to clean out and tune-up your HVAC system.

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