What Are App-Controlled Bulbs?

Smart home devices are all the rage these days, with great new innovations like smart home thermostats, remote security cameras, and so much more. These tools let you control and monitor your home remotely or set adaptive schedules.

Essentially everything electrical in your home is available in smart varieties today — and that includes app-controlled light bulbs!.

Control Your Lighting Through Your Smartphone

There are many different ways to implement smart control over your lighting. There are smart outlets, smart switches, smart fixtures, and smart bulbs. One of the easiest and most affordable ways is to use app-controlled bulbs.

These are self-contained bulbs that connect to your Wi-Fi network in order to be controlled through an app. It’s the bulb itself that is controlled, so you can use it with any existing light fixture with no additional setup.

Complete Integration with Your Smart Home System

App-controlled bulbs can be completely integrated with your existing smart home system. Regardless of the brand, you’ll be able to set up your bulbs as part of your network of devices.

This lets you control lighting anywhere in your home from a single app, so you can shut off every light in your home from the comfort of your bed.

If you have a smart home hub that takes voice commands, you can control your home’s lighting that way, too!

Lots of Additional Features

Many app-controlled bulbs do a lot better than just going on and off. These LED bulbs can come with built-in dimmers and even additional colors. You’ll be able to set the perfect mood in any room of your house.

This isn’t just for fun, either. Being able to change the color temperature of app-controlled bulbs can help you sleep better and feel more rested. Your smart home system can sync the bulbs to your sleep schedule and automatically adjust color temperature as bedtime approaches, too.

Affordable in More Ways than One

If you’re looking for some different ways to reduce your electric bill, app-controlled bulbs are certainly a great place to start. They can be set to run on specific schedules or even turn off after a set period.

The bulbs themselves likely cost much less than you expect. There are many brands and varieties out there, but you could spend as little as $15 to $20 per bulb to take advantage of smart features.

Getting the Most Out of Your Lighting

App-controlled bulbs are just one option out of many. The lighting specialists at Cascade Mechanical can help you find the best choice for your home. Contact us for any of your electrical needs!