What is a Furnace and How Does It Work?

If you’ve recently purchased a home or installed a new system for heating, you might naturally have some questions about how your furnace works.

At Cascade Mechanical, we are experts in home heating. We want to make sure that you know how your system operates so that you can make the most of it when the cold weather hits. Today, we’ll discuss what furnaces are and how they work.

What You Need to Know

Regardless of its source of fuel, a furnace functions through forced-air heating. Inside the furnace, heat is transferred into the air. This can be done through a pilot light or an electrical ignition, depending on the model of your system.

Once the heat is gathered, the internal fans blow the heat into the ducts around your house. This is usually the same duct system that you use for your air conditioner, which allows you to consolidate space.

The process seems simple, but it’s backed by complex mechanics that will be different, depending on the model you choose.

Types of Furnaces

Modern furnaces come in three main varieties:  Natural gas, oil, and electric.

Each model comes with its own pros and cons. Natural gas furnaces are used by almost half of the country. Oil furnaces are most often used in older homes.

Electric furnaces are the most affordable and are also the easiest to install. But electricity can be a more expensive resource than gas, so you might see an increase in your energy bill if you choose to use one.

The right choice for your home will depend on the climate you live in and the size of your household. If you’re still unsure about which type of furnace might be best for you, a Cascade Mechanical technician can guide you through the options.

Furnace Maintenance

Now that you know more about furnaces, it’s time to assess how well you’re taking care of the one in your home! Cascade Mechanical provides exemplary HVAC services, including furnace maintenance.

Your furnace should be serviced annually to make sure it lives up to its potential. The best time to do this is during the summer or fall when you’re less likely to need it.

Ready to install a new furnace or get a tune-up on your current one? Contact Cascade Mechanical today. We will send a skilled professional to your home and make sure your furnace will be ready when you are.