5 Benefits of a Smart Home Thermostat

It’s undeniable:  Smart technology is here to stay. You may already have an Alexa or a Google Assistant positioned somewhere in your home. These handy devices can turn lights on and off, play music, and answer literally any question you may have. And though these electronics can’t keep you warm at night, we know one that can!

A smart home thermostat is one of the many products we offer at Cascade Mechanical. These innovative devices can do many things for the modern household. Here are 5 amazing benefits that you can enjoy when you have a smart home thermostat.

1. Versatility

A large part of the appeal of smart thermostats is the ability to control the temperature in your home remotely. All it takes is a companion app on your phone. Using that, you can warm up the house when you’re on your way home from work. Or if you’re on vacation, you can make sure you turn off the system so you don’t end up using energy you don’t need.

2. Eco-Consciousness

With a smart home thermostat, you can track your energy usage. This allows you to understand the cost of the power and what you can do to reduce it. Through this, you can make simple changes to reduce your ecological footprint.

3. Machine Learning

Many smart thermostats are able to track the weather. Using this information, they can adjust the temperature, adapting to the climate. Over time, they’ll also learn the habits of your energy usage. If you get up and turn the heat on at a certain time, your system can remember that.

4. Easy Installation and Easier Operation

When we’re installing a smart thermostat, all we need is a C wire. This is likely already connected to your current temperature system. An HVAC professional can cut the power to your existing thermostat and use that to connect a smart home model. From that point on, programming through the companion app is a breeze.

5. Lower Energy Costs

All these benefits contribute to lower energy usage. With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to cut down on wasted energy through a few simple taps on your phone. You can schedule an efficient and cost-effective plan for your home and know that your smart thermostat will stick to it.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of a smart thermostat for yourself, contact us today to learn more. We have several financing options, too.