4 Reasons to Get an Annual AC Tune-Up

Life gets busy. It’s easy to think about skipping your annual AC tune-up if your AC unit is running just fine at the moment. But is there a possibility your AC could be running better?

Cascade Mechanical recommends getting an AC tune-up each year to make sure that your unit is well-maintained. Here are four ways that an AC tune-up can benefit you!

1.   Save On Your Energy Bills

Your AC unit becomes less efficient over time. Dust and debris can collect in the coils, and airflow blockage can slow your system down. Your motor may need to be lubricated, while some components might require adjustments.

When an HVAC professional cleans and adjusts your unit, your home will be cooled more efficiently. When your AC unit uses less energy to cool your home, your energy bill will be lower. Who wouldn’t love that?

2.   Your AC Will Last Longer

Just like getting the oil changed on a car, maintaining your AC unit can ensure a longer life for your appliance.

The average AC unit lasts about 15 to 20 years. If you don’t regularly maintain it, it can get bogged down with dust and debris, which means that it will have to work harder to achieve the same results. This can shorten the lifespan of the appliance.

In contrast, an air conditioner that is well maintained can operate for its full lifetime, keeping you cool for years to come.

3.   It Will Work Better in the Summer

Many homeowners depend on their AC to keep them comfortable in the summertime. Imagine waking up on the hottest day of the year to find that your AC has gone out.

Getting a regular AC tune-up can ensure that your AC unit is in peak condition to keep running well through the hottest parts of the year. If it goes out with regular maintenance, it may be eligible for repairs under its warranty.

4.   Prevent Potential Breakdowns

Even the best AC units can break down. If your AC unit gets checked every year, you have a much better chance of finding potential issues before they become severe. Many AC breakdowns can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

The best way to prevent a summer breakdown is to have your AC unit checked in the spring. Don’t let your AC break down when you need it most. Contact Cascade Mechanical today to get a quote.