Just How Much Value Does Central A/C Add to Your Home?

Central A/C can be a gamechanger in increasing the comfort of your home, but can it increase your home’s value? If so, by how much?

If you’re thinking about installing central A/C to boost your home’s value, first consider the following:

How Much It Will Cost You

It’s to be expected that a house with central A/C is going to be valued higher than the same exact home without central A/C, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the seller of that home is going to make a profit off of having central A/C installed.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for a central air conditioning system can range from $3,000 to over $7,000 dollars, and that’s if you can manage to avoid costly repairs in the future. The home’s value will increase from the installation, but the increase will at least need to make up for the cost of the installation to be a worthwhile investment.

Fortunately, with central A/C estimated to increase a house’s value by about 10% according to Money magazine, that should more than cover the cost of installation.

Your Location

Prospective homebuyers in certain areas of the country might consider central air conditioning to be more of a luxury, or maybe even unnecessary, while there are other regions in which it is a necessity. A home in Florida or Louisiana is going to be closed off to a large part of the market if it lacks central A/C. In instances like this, central A/C increases your ability to sell the home even more than it increases the price that it can fetch.

Of course, in a region where central air conditioning is more of an expectation than a luxury, prospective homebuyers may be less willing to pay a premium for it, so while it may increase your chances of making the sale, you may not necessarily see a significant increase in value because of the central air.

How Much You Value Central A/C

The term “value” doesn’t refer exclusively to money. If you hold comfort in your home in high regard, then you’re getting a certain amount of value out of all those hot summer days where you and your family were able to remain cool thanks to your central air conditioning unit. You may not be able to quantify that, but it certainly exists.


Depending on how much it costs you, and where you live, central air conditioning can give your home’s value a decent boost, but the overall value can grow significantly based on your own personal enjoyment of the increased comfort in your home.