5 Reasons to Install Ductless Mini Splits in Your Business

Commercial buildings are notorious for being too hot or too cold. Regulating the temperature to make everyone happy is almost impossible. And when summer temperatures rise, the hot, stale air in the office can make everyone feel sleepy and grumpy.

But what can you do if installing a traditional ducted air conditioner isn’t possible? In this post, we’ll give five reasons why a mini-split AC system may be the answer.

1. Reduce Your Use

If energy costs are through the roof at your place of business, a mini-split system can help. By eliminating the use of ducts, mini-splits require less energy to do the same job as a traditional air conditioner.

Traditional ducted systems range from 13 to 20 on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio scale (SEER), while ductless systems rate at a more efficient 18 to 30 SEER.

Whether your workspace is a single small office or a large industrial building, better energy efficiency translates to lower utility bills.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen, and other environmental pollutants collect inside of air conditioning ducts and are blown out into the air that your employees and customers breathe.

With a mini split, there are no ducts, so you won’t have to worry about what might be building up inside of them. Better indoor air quality also means healthier, happier coworkers with fewer colds and bothersome allergies to keep them home!

3. Easy Installation

A ductless system can be easily installed at your commercial building without the expense and hassle of retrofitting existing AC ducts. No major alterations or invasive construction is necessary, which should make installation acceptable even with a strict lease.

If you move your business location, you can have the unit uninstalled and patch the small hole needed to connect the indoor and outdoor components.

4. Playing the Zone

Instead of cooling the entire building to one setting, a multi-zone unit allows you to control the room temperatures individually. Accounting likes their office cool and HR prefers to have a fan without cooling? A mini-split makes this possible!

5. Versatile Space Saver

Both the indoor and outdoor parts of a mini-split take up much less space when compared to a traditional AC system. And no office space is too small to hold a mini-split!

The indoor cooling and control unit is usually placed on the wall, but if space is an issue, it can be fitted to the ceiling instead.

Is a Mini Split Right for Your Building?

Whether you rent or own your business property, installing or expanding a ducted AC system is expensive. It’s not always possible, even if you can afford it. Mini-splits provide the versatility, ease of installation, and everyday convenience for you and your employees that a traditional air conditioner just can’t.

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