5 Reasons to Get a Spring Tune-Up

Is your home equipped with an air conditioning system? If so, there is no better time than spring to schedule your next AC tune-up.

A tune-up involves inspecting your HVAC system for any mechanical and electrical defects. It should be a part of any homeowner’s preventative maintenance routine.

Not sure whether you need a tune-up? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider scheduling a spring tune-up.

  1. Enjoy Cooler Temperatures

Your home’s AC system is meant to keep you cool. But as your system ages, you may notice a dip in its job performance.

Last summer, did you notice that your AC struggled to keep up with outdoor temperatures? Did you notice “hot spots” in your home where you experienced uneven cooling? Were your utility bills higher than usual?

These might be signs that your system isn’t running at peak efficiency. A tune-up can determine the nature of the problem and help to keep your home cool and dry.

  1. Avoid Future Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is always better than a costly repair down the line. Making plans for regular home maintenance can prevent the need for larger repairs.

A tune-up can diagnose problems in your AC system before they even begin. A tune-up can also prevent a small problem from causing further damage to the electrical and mechanical components of your air conditioning unit. That means that a tune-up can save you money by helping you to avoid a costly future repair.

  1. Keep Utility Bills Low

An inefficient AC system will run more frequently and demand more power, which translates into higher monthly utility bills. A regular tune-up can keep your system running efficiently and keep your power bills low.

  1. Protect the Environment

The United Nations has recently reported that inefficient air conditioning can negatively impact our planet. The solution isn’t to abandon our AC, but instead, to make sure it runs at peak efficiency. Maintaining your AC unit through a regular tune-up can help to minimize your home’s carbon footprint and leave a better world for your children.

  1. Comply with Warranty Requirements

Some AC units actually require regular maintenance as part of a warranty agreement. If this applies to your unit, you must schedule a regular tune-up so that you don’t void your warranty.

Schedule Your Spring Tune-Up

When you’re ready for your spring tune-up, contact us at Cascade Mechanical. Act now and have your AC system ready for the hot summer months ahead.