How Your HVAC Equipment Can Help Protect Against Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 has caused massive panic around the world with extremely high rates of infection in multiple countries and the nationwide closure of millions of businesses, restaurants, and retail stores. Whether you live in a densely populated metropolitan area or a small town with expansive surrounding farmland, there’s no doubt that you’ve experienced some sort of interruption to your daily life and the lives of those closest to you.

There are many recommended precautions to take in order to slow the spread of the virus and prevent infection—don’t travel, avoid large groups of people, and if you do have to venture into a crowded place such as a supermarket, wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart from others. While these are all extremely helpful and useful ways to avoid contracting or spreading the disease, there is another way: updating your HVAC system.

Your HVAC System and Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is among the top five environmental risks to public health, which is cause for concern considering how much time most people spend indoors. This is why a properly functioning HVAC system is so important.

Your HVAC system does more than keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter—it maintains healthy humidity levels within your home, removes stale air, and even kills bacteria. Because new HVAC equipment works alongside existing ducts and other HVAC equipment, keeping your ductwork clean and in good working condition is extremely important for good-quality indoor air as well.

Besides air conditioners and furnaces, common HVAC equipment includes:

  • UV antibacterial lamps
  • Whole-house in-duct air purifiers
  • Whole-house air filtration systems
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • And many more

HVAC Equipment and COVID-19

COVID-19 mostly affects the respiratory system, and common symptoms include coughing, fever, and difficulty breathing, among others. One of the best ways to support healthier immune and respiratory systems is to improve indoor air quality, which HVAC systems are made to do.

Though a high-quality, properly functioning¬†HVAC system¬†can increase the strength of our defenses against the disease, it’s still incredibly important to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask in public. Here are some additional ways to prevent the contraction or spread of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently and for several seconds at a time
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes, especially if you haven’t just washed your hands
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces in your home
  • Stay home if you think you might be ill