Coronavirus: Why Your HVAC Equipment Matters

The deadly COVID-19 virus that has rocked the entire world continues its destructive path. We are greeted with dire news reports every day of mounting death tolls, dwindling supplies of household goods, and conflicting information on how to stay healthy. In regard to the latter, experts are now looking with a laser eye at indoor air quality, its impact on respiratory health, and potential to avoid or mitigate effects of illness such as COVID-19.

If you cough or sneeze as soon as you walk into a building, or show other signs of related irritation, the air around you is likely to blame. In fact, poor air quality in offices and homes is one of the leading causes of health issues from allergies to difficulty breathing to far more serious illnesses. As we know, coughs and sneezes are launch pads for spreading the coronavirus and a key initial step in preventing the spread is by improving air quality.

Given the fact that so many people spend a great deal of time (roughly 90 percent of their lives) ensconced indoors, a building’s HVAC system can play a critical role in improving overall health by maintaining fresh, clean air. While the coronavirus is currently front and center in the virus battle, we need to fight against many other viruses and contaminants.

Why your HVAC system matters

In the fight against coronavirus and all manner of other airborne bacteria, high quality HVAC systems are specifically designed to kill such bacteria, remove dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen, and keep the air in which you live and work clean and healthy. Special air purifiers and filtration systems integrate with current ducting or can be installed with an entirely new duct network. Once installed and operational, an efficient HVAC system establishes and maintains air quality and helps reduce the chances of being infected by viruses of all kinds.

Mount an HVAC defense

With a quality heating and cooling system up and running, keep it ticking along by following diligent care and awareness:

  • Clean those air filters. An HVAC system is nothing without clean air filters to trap bacteria, dust, and other tiny particles. Replace filters once a month.
  • Clean ductwork. Share the air filter cleaning love with your ductwork as well, to remove accumulations of dust and armies of microscopic pathogens.
  • Preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring long-term indoor air health. Aim for professional service twice a year.