Can HVAC Zone Systems Save You Money?

Before you undertake any HVAC upgrades, there are several considerations to balance. Naturally, comfort is of the utmost importance, but you also want to ensure that your energy bills won’t spike dramatically, and you likely want to do your part for environmental protection, as well. This means finding solutions that meet your many needs, and a zoning system can deliver on every score. What is an HVAC zoning system and how can it benefit your home?

What is HVAC Zoning?
An HVAC zoning system is one that allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of the home, based on individual needs. For example, such systems are often used in homes with multiple floors, where the basement may stay relatively cool in the summer while the upper floors are sweltering, or the upper stories may be nice and cozy in the winter while the lower floors are freezing.

With proper zoning, you won’t have to blast the entire home with heat or AC just to ensure a comfortable temperature in other areas of the house. In addition to zoning for existing HVAC infrastructure, you could consider zoning with ductless indoor units that allow for individual comfort, say for common areas and bedrooms alike. If one side of your house gets the afternoon sun and suffers significantly more heat gain, this could serve as an ideal solution.

Performance that Saves You Money
One of the best reasons to consider implementing HVAC zoning solutions in your home is to reduce energy waste and save money. With a single thermostat in your home, you may have trouble keeping different areas comfortable, and this could lead to running the heat or AC constantly to regulate interior temperatures, making pretty much everyone unhappy in the process. In the meantime, you’ll tax your HVAC system, waste energy, and send utility bills skyrocketing.

With a zoning system, you can allocate several areas of the home as zones, significantly reducing waste because you’ll only pay to heat or cool areas of the home where there’s demand, without pumping air into every corner of your structure as you overheat or over cool. This, in turn, could deliver incredible energy savings throughout the year.

Customizable Comfort for Every Member of Your Household
In addition to curbing waste and saving money, zoning systems help to ensure that every member of your household remains comfortable. There’s no need to blast the top floor with sweltering heat just to make sure the basement is reasonably warm, or freeze on lower floors so the upper stories can cool down. With proper zoning, you can increase comfort and performance even as you enjoy energy savings and watch your utility bills drop.