Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

Maybe you’re in the market for something new in terms of your heating and cooling system in your house. Perhaps you’re remodeling, or moving, or refitting an older property. If you’re considering a big change to your property’s heating and cooling system, you may want to consider going ductless.

Ductless systems essentially do the same thing that traditional heating systems do. A system is comprised of an outdoor unit and one to several indoor units, with a refrigerant line running between them. All you need for a ductless system is mounting capability and a source of electricity.

Here are some other reasons you may want to consider going ductless.


As the name implies, one of the biggest benefits to going ductless is that your home doesn’t have to accommodate a duct system anymore, saving you tons of space. Most traditional heat pump systems use a series of ducts, usually in your attic. If you’re remodeling, or your home is older and can’t support ductwork, ductless may be the way to go.


Ductless heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular and are built up to the same standards as traditional heat pump systems. Ductless systems save you space and they’re also more efficient in terms of function. They save space because they don’t need to use up attic space for labyrinthine ductwork; they also save your heating system from losing heat throughout the year, a habit traditional heating systems sometimes fall into.

Better air quality

Choosing a ductless system is recommended for people who have allergies and asthma. Dust, lint, and dander collect in your heating ducts and when the blower fan comes on, a cloud of that stuff comes out. These materials all exacerbate sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory ailments. When you choose a ductless system, you are eliminating the place the dust and detritus are collected, creating a healthier environment in your home.

Zone control

With a ductless system, you can choose which specific rooms to heat or condition. This is a huge benefit because you will save energy and money by zone-controlling your home. If certain rooms are not in use, you can control the climate in that room whereas, with a central heating system, you heat all the rooms at once.

If you’re remodeling or updating your home, you will want to consider ductless systems. Consult professionals like those at Cascade Mechanical, they have the answers to all your heating and cooling needs.