Why Energy Efficiency Matters When It Comes to Your Air Conditioning

As a homeowner you have a long list of responsibilities and it can be overwhelming more often than not. Most of your tasks are straightforward and relatively easy to handle, such as general preventative maintenance, updating appliances, mowing the lawn, and repainting once in a while.

Other chores, however, are a bit more involved and perhaps difficult to understand. One of these is energy efficiency; also on your list of homeowner responsibilities. As it is with many aspects of life, awareness and education go a long way in solving problems as well as preventing them in the first place.

Energy efficiency and you

There’s no denying that environmental issues today are a big deal and everything we do has an impact, good and bad. During the hot summer months, home air conditioners work overtime to keep us cool and comfy. They also take a lot of energy and there has never been a more important time to learn why energy efficiency matters.

We know that saving energy has a multitude of benefits; two of the most prevalent being keeping your monthly energy costs lower and going easier on the environment. In regard to the former, did you know that cooling and heating demands roughly half of home energy use? That fact alone means that making smart decisions up front can have a dramatic effect on your monthly bill.

One of the best ways to lock in consistently efficient AC energy use to stay on top of things. Be proactive with preventative maintenance on your unit’s air filters, condensers, and ducts. AC filters get dirty fast and it is critical to change them at regular intervals; at least every three months.

The outdoor unit is just as vulnerable to dirt buildup and excess grime keeps heat inside the unit, making overheating likely in the near future. Regular tune-ups on your AC system are also extremely beneficial for long-term life of the equipment, cleaner air inside your home, and a cleaner outside environment.

One way to start down the responsible path is to choose an energy-efficient air conditioner, manufactured to standards such as Energy Star and matched to the room layouts, square footage, and cooling needs of your home. A giant AC unit does not necessarily mean you’re cooling quicker and using it less often. Do diligent research to learn which products available today are the best fit for your individual needs.

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