Prevent Summer AC Repairs With These Tips

Summer is here and scorching temps and stifling humidity are just around the corner. That means it’s time for your air conditioner to wake from winter slumber and surge into action. Is it in prime condition for a prolonged battle against the elements? Does it have the endurance to go the full distance of summer at top performance, or is it susceptible to season-ending injury?

You’re the coach of this key homestead player and like it or not, it’s up to you to make sure your air conditioner won’t let you down at critical moments of the game. The good news is all it takes is thinking ahead and a little proactive strategy to keep your family cool and comfy all summer long.

Summer game plan

The last thing you want this summer is your AC to putter out in the midst of a blistering heat wave. Unexpected repairs are never welcome and always costly. So what’s a homeowner to do? Peruse this handy list of DIY-friendly tips to avoid a repair call and your family’s ire (neither of which is pleasant).

Change that filter

An air conditioner relies on its filter to keep out fine debris and other nastiness that spells doom for efficient operation. A clogged filter is trouble; it makes an AC unit work much harder than it’s used to and doesn’t thoroughly filter pollutants and related dangerous particles from getting inside. A clean filter means clean air.

Clean the condenser

The condenser in your outside AC unit has a tendency to attract dirt and dust and other heat-trapping elements and once covered in a layer of grime, the condenser can quickly overheat and lose efficiency. Ensure at least once-a-season condenser cleaning to get better performance and longer life.

Keep foliage at bay

Even a clean condenser is no match for a crowd of foliage. Tall shrubbery or high grass is very effective at blocking air flow and your condenser needs air to “breathe” just like you do. Clear away a two-foot perimeter around your outdoor unit.

Close the blinds and windows

It might seem like a little thing, but keeping blinds and windows closed is amazingly effective at moderating your homes inside temperatures. Take advantage of cool night temps and close everything up in the morning to help stay comfortable all day.

Dial in the perfect thermostat setting

Programmable thermostats are very handy tools to get optimal temperatures in your home throughout the day. Set it to warmer temps when no one is home to save money and energy.

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