When Is the Best Time of Year to Insulate My Home?

Insulation is a vital part of ensuring that you remain comfortable in your home. While it is understood that properly installed insulation can help with controlling temperature inside of the home, the process of having it installed is a bit more complicated. One of the bigger questions that many homeowners have is when they should insulate their homes.  While a professional can insulate most spaces of the home at any time of year, there are certain factors to consider when deciding on the appropriate time to do so.

Consider Where You Live

The perfect time of year to insulate your home varies greatly depending on where you live. If you live in a warmer climate, insulation should be increased before your region’s hotter months. This added insulation will help keep your air conditioner from having to work overtime to continuously cool your home.

For those in colder regions, insulating a home in the summertime is recommended. This will allow for the home to be well insulated before temperatures dip. Further, it does not leave homeowners scrambling for an installation appointment, as many insulation installation requests usually come in closer to winter.

Consider Convenience

The easiest time to insulate your home is when other work is already being done to the home; this is basically the “two birds, one stone” approach. If you are remodeling a room like your kitchen or bathring, or changing up wiring or plumbing, that is a great time to get a professional in to see if your home requires additional insulation because he or she can easily inspect the insulation that is already installed.

Consider the Cost

If you are not doing any work to your home, then considering cost and energy savings is a great way to determine when insulation should be installed. The cost of insulation installation remains relatively the same year-round. However, your personal energy costs do not. Consider installing insulation before whatever season usually has the highest utility bill. Increasing your energy cost savings is a major perk to installing insulation. If installed at the right time of year, you could save hundreds of dollars annually in energy costs.

Insulation can be a tricky thing to figure out; this is where the professionals come in. Cascade Mechanical is the perfect choice for all of your insulation needs, including insulating your home with a “green” product. Contact us today for a free estimate and home insulation review.

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