How Stormy Weather Affects Your Air Conditioner

It can be rainy in Washington, even in the summer. Some people wonder if their air-conditioning system is affected by stormy weather if they’re running their AC units when it’s raining. The answer is no. Most air conditioners are not affected by stormy weather at all, but stormy conditions can lead to other issues that will affect your air conditioning unit. Here are a few details you want to keep in mind if you’re running the AC when it’s storming outside.

Clear debris

In stormy weather, it’s not just the moisture that you need to worry about. Fierce storms can result in strong winds, and these can knock branches and other debris onto your air conditioning system. Debris can do damage to your outdoor coil and impede the heat exchange process in some cases. Clear any debris away from the outdoor portion of your air conditioning unit and consider scheduling a maintenance visit after the storm to make sure it is all working well.

Ensure ventilation

The cover to the outdoor portion of your air conditioning unit will protect most of it from the rain. Your coil may be subject to the weather, but having your coil cleaned by the rain is actually helpful.

What is not helpful is moisture that’s allowed to remain inside the unit as it can cause corrosion and other problems. For this reason, many people choose to cover their outdoor units in the off-season with some sort of plastic sheeting. Some plastic is not made for this purpose and so it will not have the proper ventilation built into it. If you do choose to cover the outdoor part of your system in the off-season, make sure it is a name-brand cover with ventilation built into it. That way you can be sure that moisture is not corroding your system from the inside out.

Schedule maintenance in the off-season

When it is storming outside and hot, you don’t want your air conditioning unit to suddenly quit on you. Have your regular maintenance in the non-rainy season to avoid having to call a technician during a bad storm.

Nobody wants their AC unit to quit on them when there’s a fierce storm raging outside. If you schedule regular maintenance visits with professionals like those at Cascade Mechanical, you can be sure that your system will be working fine when the next storm rolls into the area.