4 Home Heating Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

When you hear your heater kick on in the winter, you don’t normally wonder how efficiently your system is running or if any inefficiencies are costing you extra dollars. Like most of us, when you hear the heater kick on, you’re mainly pleased that it’s pumping heat into your house. But there are small details that can cost you. Here are four home heating mistakes you can avoid to save some money.

  1. Avoiding regular maintenance

Many people assume that if their heater is working fine, then everything is hunky-dory. This assumption is risky as your heating system is complex. Regular maintenance can help you cut down on your heating bill. You should get a check-up in the spring and fall from your HVAC professional to prepare for the heavy-use seasons of winter and summer (for AC).

  1. Closing unused vents

You may think that closing vents in unused portions of your house will save you money on your heating bill. It seems logical that closing the vent would improve air-flow to the most populated areas of your house. But this isn’t the case. In fact, closing one of your heating vents can disrupt the airflow system of your heater, causing it to run less efficiently.

  1. Keeping curtains drawn

Even in the bleak midwinter, the sun can help you warm your house. Although the sun may not come out often in Washington, it can still help cut heating costs. On sunny winter days, make sure your curtains are not drawn and blocking out the sun’s rays. A few hours of mid-day sun pouring into a room will warm it right up.

4. Cranking up the thermostat

Some people adjust their thermostat according to when they’re home. They turn it down when they leave for work, and they crank it up when they return to warm the place up quickly. Logical, right? Wrong. Doing this increases the amount of stress on your heating system. Instead change the temperature inside gradually by adjusting your thermostat a few degrees until it hits the temp you want.

Most people don’t think of these details when they hear their heater kick on, and they certainly don’t think of them adding to their heating bills. But with regular maintenance from an expert company like Cascade Mechanical and a few tweaks to your regular routine, you’ll see more savings and more efficiency from your heating system.