What Makes a Heat Pump Efficient?

Heat pumps are universally heard of but commonly misunderstood. Many homeowners are, understandably, only concerned about whether or not the heat pump in their home works and works well. With that being said, understanding what a heat pump is, what it does, and why it is so efficient is important when looking to install a heat pump or to make sure that a current heat pump is operating properly.

What is a heat pump?

Usually as a part of a central heating and cooling system, a heat pump, despite the name, does not only heat a home. Heat pumps take outside air and then convert that air to either heat or cool a home. Because heat pumps move heat as opposed to generating heat, they can provide a home with desirable heating or cooling for a cheaper cost than traditional heating and cooling appliances.

What makes heat pumps efficient?

A heat pump’s efficiency is measured by something called the Coefficient or Performance or CoP. The Coefficient of Performance is a scale that measures how efficiently the heat pump system can heat a home under peak conditions.

The efficiency of a heat pump all comes down to how hard the pump has to work to maintain a certain temperature in the home. Their efficiency boils down to the fact that they are not having to generate heat. By moving heat instead, heat pumps do not require the same amounts of energy that other heating and cooling systems require.

Aside from heating the home quickly, many heat pumps nowadays have timer controls that are programmable for up to seven days and allow for control via a smartphone. This not only makes heat pumps energy-efficient but incredibly accessible and convenient as well. With that being said, heat pumps experience lowered efficiency as temperatures dip. Having to move heat from an outside air source that is extremely low in temperature is much more difficult than generating heat. However, if you live in a moderate climate that does not experience extremely cold temperatures for long bouts of time, a heat pump’s lowered efficiency should not be of concern.

Shopping for the perfect heat pump for your home can be confusing. If you are looking to install a heat pump in your home, contact Cascade Mechanical to speak with a specialist about your home’s heating and cooling needs so that he or she can help you find the heat pump that meets those needs. Contact the experts at Cascade or Call (509) 642-6383.