AC Mistakes That Can Cause High Energy Bills

Summer always results in high air conditioning bills. But if you notice that your bills are significantly higher than usual, you may be making some critical mistakes. To help you identify the problem, here is a list of AC usage mistakes that can result in massive energy bills.

Poor Installation

If your unit was not installed properly, it will likely drive up your energy bills. Poor installation could consist of an improperly-sized system, which will short cycle at its own directive. Considering that air conditioners expend most of their energy starting up and shutting off, finding a proper fit is imperative. Additionally, a bunk installation could be the result of poor wiring, insufficient welding, missing parts, or inadequately connected ducts.

Defective Parts

An AC system is comprised of capacitors, motors, and a compressor. If even one of these components fail, your energy bill will increase. Additionally, defective parts will drastically impact your system from getting dirty. If the motor itself is failing, it will run much longer than usual, resulting in higher energy bills. If this problem goes untreated you could experience total motor failure, which will ultimately result in complete system failure.

Leaky Ducts

Seeing as ducts are the means by which your AC system routes air through your entire home, they are obviously a crucial factor in your home’s overall energy efficiency. Leaky ducts mean your system’s ability to distribute energy has been compromised, putting more pressure on your system and still not achieving the desired results. Consequently, your energy bills will increase while your energy efficiency decreases. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by way of a duct seal.

Soiled Air Filter

The air filter keeps your system’s ducting, air handler, and indoor coil from getting dirty. A soiled filter will result in excessive debris, which could cause a slew of other issues. One way to solve this problem is by purchasing reusable filters, which are easy to clean. Keep in mind that these filters must be replaced once per month.

Not Enough Refrigerant

When in comes to an air conditioner’s heat transference, refrigerant is an essential component. If the refrigerant is really low systems lose their ability to appropriately remove heat. If you find that your AC system does not have enough refrigerant, make sure to check the line sets and coils for leaks. If you have trouble identifying a leak consult a certified HVAC professional at Cascade Mechanical. Operating since 1989, their team of professionals is more than ready to solve any of the aforementioned AC-related issues, saving you a considerable amount of money in the long term.
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