AC Issues That Commonly Occur Over Summer

It’s summer and temperatures are rising. The last thing anyone wants to deal with are excessive temperatures when they’re trying to relax indoors. Fortunately, many habitual AC system issues are easily prevented. Here to assist with that is a list of AC issues that commonly occur over the summer.

  1. Did You Check the Thermostat?

If you find that your AC won’t even turn on, the thermostat may be the culprit. There are two main reasons why a thermostat would be acting funky: if it is set to the incorrect temperature or is completely defective. If you suspect the former, make sure to try adjusting the temperature. If this fails to yield results check to make sure the breaker is on. If neither option works, the AC system is likely defective and will need to be replaced.

  1. Nothing is Cool Enough

If there seems to be a gap between the thermostat setting and the actual temperature in your home, there is likely a problem with your system’s airflow. Fortunately, this is easily solved by cleaning or changing the filter. A clogged filter means debris and other nastiness is blocking the airflow. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue then observe the objects surrounding the exterior of the unit and ensure that nothing is obstructing the airflow.

  1. Massive Energy Drain

Nobody wants to deal with excessive energy consumption and the costs associated therein. If you notice that your AC system is consuming an unusual amount of energy, check to make sure the air ducts aren’t dirty. Unkempt air ducts force the system to work harder than normal, resulting in higher energy consumption. The best way to tackle this problem is with preventative maintenance, then you likely won’t have to deal with all the problems associated with a defective AC system in the first place.

  1. Excessive Noise and Loose Components

Sometimes AC systems exhibit excessive noise. This is not the inherent hum that most systems produce, this is an unusual noise that typically occurs when the system is powered on or shut down. First, check for loose screws, sometimes they can fall into the fan system and cause a racket. If that doesn’t seem to be the cause of the problem then it could be the blower. Be aware that some of these issues require interfacing with electrical wiring. Rather than attempting to do it yourself, consult a certified HVAC technician at Cascade Mechanical. In business for nearly 30 years, we are more than prepared to identify and solve any issues with your AC system.
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