Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cold?

Summer season must be a time of rest, relaxation and perhaps vacationing, however surely not a time of worry and expense as you suddenly find out your AC unit not cooling as it must be. A qualified and professional air conditioning technician could be very useful during the summertime if this happens. On the other hand, when the issue is serious your bank account can suffer. Lots of times through the issue could be addressed with a fast check of the system when you know what to look for. Here are some of the reasons why you air conditioning unit is not cooling.

Dirty Coils
These coils are a magnet to dirt and dust. Even when you are hard working in replacing air filters every three month as you should, it’s inevitable that sooner or later your coil system will require cleaning. Ensure you switch off the power to the main unit prior to checking the coils. Utilize a cleaner suggested by your local service for amazing results.

Poor Insulation
In case you live in a specifically hot climate you might notice some of your rooms aren’t as cool as others. AC thermostat might read well, however poor insulation will not let the air to cool enough. Check the entire door seals as well as attic spaces for inappropriate insulation. Often times the problem could be addressed through setting up some extra foils in the attic space above.

Blocked or Crimpled Air Ducts
If just 1 or 2 rooms experiences from insufficient cooling, you have to check air ducts supplied to the rooms affected. Occasionally, they could become obstructed with dirt, or fiberglass material and obstruct the air flow. This might need detaching the air duct from the source.

Bad Terminal
If you can’t hear the compressor comes on from the exterior unit, however the inside unit is blowing air, however not cool air, you have to check terminal at the box. Often times simply replacing this could address the issue right away. If not, you might have issue with the compressor. Once the compressor is coming on as well as the inside of the unit looks to be functioning well, you might have inadequate Freon. Freon leaks is rare, however it does happen in outdated units. This needs hooking your AC to Freon gauge. This must be handled by an expert.

Bad Compressor
Once the outside unit compressor does not come the way it should be, or occasionally comes on, you might get by with starter kit in most cases. Ask experts if this is a reasonable solution prior to replacing the compressor. Bad compressors in older ACs might be an indication that it’s time to replace the whole unit. Just replacing the compressor can be just a costly short term solution which results in replacement of the entire unit.
You have to expand your awareness and know how to troubleshoot as well as correct lots of heating, vent, air issues through taking some air conditioning lessons taught by many experts out there.