How Does Hybrid Furnaces Work

Hybrid furnaces usually use a combination of an electric heat pump and a fossil fuel combustion heating system. In simple terms, it is a heat pump with a gas furnace. The heat pump is the outdoor system while the gas furnace is the indoor section. The heat pump heats the home until a specific degree of outdoor temperature is attained. After that, the system starts using gas heat.

During the installation of the hybrid furnace, a compatible programmable thermostat that features a dual fuel mode as well as an outdoor sensor is installed on the heat pump. You can put a set-point on the thermostat that will trigger the temperature to switch from electric to gas heat. The HVAC contractor that is helping you install the system should be able to provide you with the most efficient set-point depending on factors such as the efficiency and capacity of the system as well as the regional requirements.

During summer or the time of year when temperatures outside are very hot, the system will switch over to gas heating since the outdoor temperature will have fallen below the heat pump’s set temperature. If there is no furnace during this time of the year, the heating system will use expensive electric resistance heat when the temperature’s outside drop below the heat pump’s set point. As a result, your bills will be very high.

A hybrid furnace is considerably expensive to install since it has two heating systems that use two different sources of fuel, but it is definitely worth the money due to the efficiency that it will offer you in the long run. The cost of the system will vary depending on the size as well as heating load of your home, but you are guaranteed to get back your money through utility savings. If maintained properly, this system can cut approximately 10 percent of utility expenses compared to other conventional heating and cooling systems.

If you select the most efficient hybrid furnace, you are bound to have even greater savings from its usage. You will be guaranteed of comfortable conditions in your home whether it is during a mild to chilly weather or when it is very hot outside. The stead, mellow heat that is produced by the gas furnace will warm your home when the temperatures are very cold or when it is freezing outside. The best thing about this hybrid system is that it allows you to use each system when it is most comfortable as well as most economic.

The temperature of the air that is supplied by the furnace to the living space is estimated to be about 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a preferable temperature for many homeowners when the temperatures outside are freezing. The temperature of the air that is supplied by the heat pump is estimated to be about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a preferable temperature when the temperatures outside are chilly, but not freezing.