Understanding HVAC Split System

If you are a homeowner, coming home to a refreshingly cool atmosphere is something you would want. Having a split air conditioner is one of the unobtrusive ways that you can use to bring cool air into your home. This system is comprised of two main parts, one being the outdoor unit and the other the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is usually installed outside of the room near the wall or close to the space that you would like to cool. It contains the air filter, blower and the cooling coil. The outdoor unit on the other hand contains the condenser coil, the compressor and the expansion coil.

Maybe you are wondering what is the difference between the HVAC split system and other air conditioning units. Well, the split system unit does not require a lot of installation work since it does not require duct work. Electrical wires and tubing are used to connect the indoor and outdoor units. You are not going to spend a lot of money to have it installed. You will also not spend a lot of money when it comes to the usage of this system because the ductwork that the traditional air conditioners usually use requires a lot of energy. It is more unlikely that there will be any chance of heat loss when you are using the HVAC split system.

Another benefit you will have when using the HVAC split system over the traditional air conditioning systems is its quite operation. The parts that are responsible for a lot of noise in an air conditioning system are the fan and the condenser. The good thing about the split system is that its fan and compressor are located outside of the house unlike the other systems where these components are usually located inside the house. The noise from these components is not going to disturb you inside your house.

Another benefit you will have when using this system is that you can decide to install a multi-split system that allows you to have several indoor units connected to one indoor unit. With such as system, it will be very easy for you to cool many rooms in your home or maintain optimum temperature in a large room using a number of indoor cooling units. This will help you save some money and energy compared to if you were using the traditional air conditioning units.

If you are looking for an efficient as well as cost effective way to cool your home, you should definitely try the HVAC split system. Even though you might spend a little money on its installation as compared to the window unit, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Also, you do not necessarily need to hire a professional to do the installation for you since you can easily do it on your own. You will save a lot of money on energy bills when you using this system, and if maintained properly, it will serve for a very long time.

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