The Efficiency of Heat Pump Water Heater

Basically an efficient heat pump water heater is highly competent in manner that it uses heat to pump water. To comprehend the main notion about an efficient heat pump water heater and the way they are to operate, it takes heat from the atmosphere at very high ambient temperature and moves it into a tank that acts as storage for the water. It also offers room for air conditioning and small cooling effect or end product.

An efficient heat pump water heater is cheap in terms of price and also the maintenance cost is very low. Comparing the modern heat pump water heater and the traditional electric resistance water heater you can save your money twice as much on the efficient heat pump water heater than the electrical resistance.

Heat pump water heater has many advantages compared to disadvantages this article will offer some of the main advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Heat pump water is very efficient in the way it operates or functions.
  2. It is reliable as it uses heat from the surrounding air rather than electricity which can fail due to power surge or shortages.
  3. You can save a handsome chunk of money which is twice as much as the traditional electric resistance water heater.
  4. Air conditioning and dehumidification is less utilized in heat pump water heaters because they mainly work on the concept of a stipulated hot water.
  5. Heat pump water heater is programmable which you can set and while you are away it can save energy and ensure you have water when you arrive back.


  1. They usually make noise so they are best installed in a deserted or vacant room.
  2. Its cooling temperature can reach a five (5 degrees) level making the surrounding area to be uncomfortable.
  3. If it is installed in an occupied space which is not recommended, the heat will have to be replaced by the breathing space around.
  4. Air filters must be maintained on a regular basis, this means that there is a little bit of time which is consumed.

Factors to Consider During Installation

  1. Due to their cooling end product and noise, it is better to install them in a vacant room which will also leave an allowance for an additional heat from the boiler.
  2. Heat pump water heaters usually draw off the condensate. So during installation it is highly recommended that you should leave a place to exhaust the condensate.
  3. During installation of an efficient heat pump water heater, you should install it where temperature is at least cool with an allowance of air space surrounding it so that it can operate efficiently.
  4. Also another important factor to consider about heat pump water heaters is that, the surrounding space in which it has been installed should be large enough to accommodate it in term of height and length of the room.
  5. During the installation of the heat pump water heater make sure to insulate all pipes that are distributing the heat to prevent and reduce its loss in the surrounding air.

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