How to Maintain Your Furnace Filter

Maintaining your furnace is very important if you want to continue enjoying comfortable temperatures throughout the year. One important part of the furnace that needs to be regularly maintained in order to keep it in good working condition is the filter. If the furnace keeps running using the same filter all year long without cleaning, you are bound to get problems. The filter will become saturated with allergens, dirt, and pet hair. As a result, it may cause you or your loved ones to become sick, or it may even cause your home to go up in flames.

If you want your furnace to continue working properly without causing any problems, you will need to change or clean the filter so as to minimize the dirt that has accumulated on it and improve the energy efficiency of the furnace. The filter protects the heating coils, blower as well as cooling coils from dirt. So changing them is definitely one of the most important home energy conservation as well as maintenance tasks that you should carry out regularly. You should not wait until the filter becomes extra dirty since you will have to spend more money on cleaning it.

When the dirt accumulates on the furnace filter, airflow through the ducts will be reduced. This will cause the performance and efficiency of the furnace to suffer. It is recommended to clean or change the furnace filter at least every two to four months when the furnace is in use. If you have a filter that is made from fiberglass, you will need to change it after the specified period since it is disposable. However, if your furnace is using a filter that is made of plastic fibers, you can wash it with soap and water and continue using it.

Before you even think of changing or cleaning the furnace filter, it is very important to know where it is. It is located in the return grill or inside the furnace close to the blower. If you have problems locating it, it is better to call an HVAC professional to come and help you find it. You also need to make sure that the furnace is turned off before you attempt to locate the furnace filter. In some furnaces, the filter is inserted horizontally while in others it is inserted vertically. To confirm if the filter needs cleaning, you will need to check for brown, dusty buildup on it.

If you have family members that have allergies, you may want to consider an allergic reduction filter. This filter needs even more attention compared to the standard filters since it gets dirty quicker. It is designed to collect dust that may be responsible for allergies and other health reasons. During chilly months, you will need to clean or replace the filter most often, at least once per month, in order to keep the furnace working efficiently. Be sure to clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions that come packaged with it.

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