Changing Furnace Filter Is a Must to Get Clear Indoor Air

Having a furnace is very important when it comes to maintaining optimum indoor temperatures. But for the furnace to continue working properly, you will need to make sure that it is properly maintained. One of its parts that you will need to regularly maintain is the filter. Most people usually forget to change this component, and as a result they start experiencing uneven temperatures in their houses. It is recommended to change the filter at least once every month if you want the furnace to continue working optimally. This is very important especially during the winter and summer months when the furnace gets to be used the most.

You should not let three months pass without replacing the furnace filter. By doing so, you will be extending the life of the furnace system. One of the reasons why most furnaces break down before they get old is because of dirty filters. When dirt accumulates in the filter, it prevents air from passing through it, something which causes the system to start overheating. This causes the motor to work extremely harder. If you do not take action early enough, you might have to spend a lot of money to repair the unit. If the furnace is older, you might be required to buy a new one if the filter puts it over the edge.

By replacing your furnace filter most often, you will also be keeping the energy bills down. When the dirt accumulates in the filter and clogs it up, it causes it to work very hard so as to keep your house cool or warm, something which in turn causes it to use a lot of energy. When more energy is needed to operate your furnace, your energy bill is bound to skyrocket. By changing your furnace filter consistently, you will be able to save about five to fifteen percent of the money that you spend on energy bills.

Changing the furnace filter will also assure you of maintaining healthy air quality in your house. You will find this to be very important if you have people that are asthmatic or have allergic reactions in your home. If the furnace filters are dirty, they will cause the quality of air in your house to be worse, something which will in turn exacerbate the allergic reactions or the asthmatic symptoms. In the event that you have pets in your home, it will be even more important to change the filters more often since pet dander that accumulates in the system will spread allergens in your household that will make the allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms worse.

Changing the furnace filter more often will also help you to keep the entire furnace system clean. If dirt gets clogged up in the filter, it could end up polluting the entire system, and this will in turn prevent it from operating efficiently. You will be required to spend more money on repairs and replacements just to make sure that the HVAC system continues operating efficiently. It will also cause the furnace to use a lot of energy, and as a result your energy bills will rise.

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