The Basics of Commercial Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems are very important when it comes to maintaining comfortable indoor environment especially in places that experience extreme heat. The compressor, which is the heart of the air conditioning system, pumps vapor refrigerant through the system in order to maintain an internal pressure in your home based on the temperature of the surroundings. There are different types of air conditioners depending on the size of the area that needs to be cooled, the total amount of heat that is emitted in the closed up area among other factors.

During temperature control with an air conditioning system, air is usually moved over chilled or heated coils as well as a spray of water at a controlled temperature. Another important part of the AC system is the condenser. It is where the refrigerant goes after leaving the compressor. When the gas refrigerant enters the compressor, it is usually superheated and at a higher pressure. The gas starts cooling on its way to the condenser. The air being blown over the outside of the lines causes the air to be cool.

The compounds involved in cooling of air in an air conditioning system are called refrigerants which usually have properties that enable them to change at very low temperatures. The ACs also have fans which move warm air over the cold, refrigerant filled coils. The AC system usually has a whole system of ducts that is designed to funnel air to as well as away from the chilling coils. Hot air usually flows over low pressure evaporator coils that are usually cold, and the refrigerant absorbs heat and changes into a gaseous state.

For the air conditioning system to be able to cool efficiently, the refrigerant needs to be converted back to the liquid state. That is made possible by the compressor that usually exerts high pressure on the gas. In the process, unwanted extra heat is created and it is evacuated outside the house using condenser coils as well as a fan. When the warm air is moved outside the house, the inside of the house is left at a much cooler and favorable temperature.

In order for the air conditioning system to work efficiently, it is important to make sure that thermostat is set to appropriate settings. It will be hard for it to cool your house if you have set it to heat. Many systems usually require a certain range depending on the amount of refrigerant that is needed for it to work properly. When you notice that the AC is not cooling your home properly, it could be because it needs more refrigerant. But note that simply adding more refrigerant to the system may not be a solution. In fact, it could lead to costly repairs as well as maintenance to the homeowner to what you originally needed. It is therefore important to understand the proper requirements of your AC system, and if it needs some fixing that you are not 100% sure about, be sure to seek professional help.