Heat-Pump Water Heaters – How Does It Work?

Heat pumps are very essential when it comes to heating and cooling homes especially for people who live in places that experience extreme cold and heat. The heat pumps can also be used for heating water either as standalone water heating systems or a combination of water heating as well as space conditioning systems. Heat-pump water heaters usually utilize electricity to transfer heat from one location to another as opposed to generating the heat directly. This is implies that there efficiency is more compared to the the normal electric resistance water heaters.

The heat-pump water heaters usually work more like a fridge when it comes to moving heat from one location to a different one. But unlike a refrigerator that works by pulling heat from a box and dumping it into a surrounding room, the heat-pump water heater works by pulling heat from the surroundings and then dumping it into a tank that is at a high temperature in order for the water to be heated. When installing heat-pump water heater, you need to make sure that it is within locations that have a temperature that is in the range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round with approximately a thousand cubic feet of air space around that water heater.

When choosing the water heating system for your home, it is important to know the consumption of hot water in your household to be able to make the right choice that will guarantee you value for your money as well as energy efficiency. You will need to determine how big your household is as well as the number of people who live there. You will also need to determine how often you use the hot water. If you use a lot of water at once, for instance when there are many people who need to take a shower in the morning, you will need to make sure that the system you install can be able to give you that service efficiently.

The heat-pump water heater is quite effective. This is because instead of using electricity to produce heat, it only uses a small amount of it to transfer heat from the environment towards a reservoir that you have installed. Slowly by slowly, it heats the water which you can then use through the facets as well as the shower and the tub. This setup is quite effective compared to any other conventional means. Your electricity bill is not going to shoot up even if you heat up many gallons of water per month.

The vital thing to understand how heat-pump water heater works is sustained heating. Even though the heating of the water and the interior of home may be a bit slower, the upside is that this is a constant system. You will be heating both places at the same time with minimal use of electricity.