Ground Source Heat Pumps In A Nutshell

Geothermal heat pumps are one of the most promising solutions to high energy costs. They provide clean as well as quiet heating and cooling, and as a result they will help you reduce your energy bills tremendously. In principle, a geothermal heat pump works as a conventional heat pump. This is because it uses high pressure refrigerant to capture as well as move heat between the inside and outside of the house. The only difference is that the conventional system works by gathering its heat and the getting rid of it through the outside air. Geothermal heat pumps on the hand usually transfer heat via loops that are filled with fluid and are buried in the ground.

The geothermal heat pump extracts and disburses heat through a liquid that circulates in a ground loop at 50 degrees. As a result, it takes only a kilowatt of electricity for a geothermal heat pump to be able to produce approximately 12,000 Btu of either heating or cooling energy. For a conventional system to be able to produce the same number of Btus, it will require to consume about 2.2 kilowatt hours on a 95 degree day. This implies that geothermal heat pumps are twice as efficient as the conventional air conditioners.

Geothermal heat pumps also do not require a noisy outdoor fan in order to move air through compressor coils. The only thing that geothermal systems are required to do is pump liquid, so they can be put in house away from dangerous elements. A lot of them usually come with a warranty of 10 years and they can last much longer. If you maintain them properly, you will not need to do any serious repairs on them.

You can install a geothermal heat pump in a myriad of different applications which range from residential homes of any size, schools, commercial buildings, businesses and so on. Whether it is a new construction or an existing home, it can be fitted with a geothermal heat pump using its own pre-existing ductwork. This provides a welcome difference in both the quality of heating and reduction in energy costs. Apart from being cost effective, the geothermal heat pump systems provide environmentally friendly cooling, heating as well as water heating while cutting energy consumption as well as the heating bills since they are efficient.

Geothermal heat pumps can provide reliable, quiet as well as consistent heat during winter. Since there components are buried in the ground, it is not easy for people to vandalize them. They also do not pose any harm and they require very minimal maintenance. Even though the installation of these systems may prove to be very expensive, the savings in operating as well as maintaining them will pay for the initial installation cost and beyond. This makes them an excellent choice of heating systems as long as they are installed properly.