Is A Ductless Heat Pump Safe to Use?

A ductless heat pump is one of the many heat pump options that are on the market. As the name suggests, this heat pump does not have a duct system or an air distribution that many heating and cooling devices usually have. All you need to do is hang it on the wall and it will deliver air from its indoor part without using a duct system. It works by transporting air directly to the space.

The ductless heat pump can be important especially for remote rooms as well as rooms that have special HVAC needs in which regular ductwork may not be accessible or sufficient. For instance, you could be having a room over your garage where using regular ductwork might be impossible. A ductless heat pump will be the perfect option for such a room and it will help reduce the energy that you will need to keep it at a comfortable temperature, and as a result you will save money.

A ductless heat pump will also be perfect if you decide to enclose a porch or garage area so that it can be a finished living area. Even though using the porch can be of great benefit all year round, keeping the temperature comfortable can be quite costly using the regular heat pump. But with the ductless heat pump, you will be able to stay comfortable in the porch without spending a lot of money.

Another area that will be suitable for a ductless heat pump is a computer or communications room. In such rooms, it is very important to make sure that temperatures are kept low all the time for safe operation of the equipment. Very hot or humid temperatures could cause the server to malfunction. This is why you will find many businesses using these kinds of heat pumps to control temperature in such rooms.

The overall cost of installation of ductless heat pumps is low compared to the traditional heat pumps. Since the ductless heat pumps have wireless thermostat capabilities, they are also good when it comes to providing excellent temperature control. The latest ductless heat pump units have been equipped with a new inverted technology and they also use minimal amp draw as well as wattage which often exceed the efficiency of a fully ducted heat pump.

Another good thing about the ductless heat pumps is that they are very easy to use. Unlike the traditional heat pumps, the wiring for control and power for these units is much easier since it is ductless. The refrigerant from the outdoor units can be extended to approximately a hundred feet from where the indoor unit has been installed. Its installation is not so different from the regular heat pump, but you will need to be careful to prevent refrigeration leaks and also to ensure proper operating pressures. Be sure to conduct your research properly and get several quotes for installation to be sure that you are installing the right system.