Should You Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Hiding your air conditioning unit can help protect it from well-trained thieves who may have an intent to strip the valuable copper material that it is made from. Not only will that leave you in a devastating state when it comes to cooling and heating your home, but it will also be a loss of a very expensive investment. Hiding the unit can be difficult. It is important to give it a housing that aesthetically fits with the rest of your home. Read on to check out some of the tips that you can use to hide the air conditioner in your home.

The first thing you need to observe when hiding your air conditioning unit is to make sure that it is not buried. You do not want to build a housing for the unit and then later on realize that you cannot open it up. Even as you hide the unit, put in mind that you will need to open it sometime for repairs as well as basic maintenance. If you make the mistake of sealing it completely or burying it in the ground, it is going to cost you more to dismantle it when you need to do repair and maintenance on it.

When it is winter time and you are using the air conditioner to heat your home using the heat pump technology, make sure that you remove the cover before turning the unit itself or the heater on. If the unit is covered when using it to heat your home, it might lead to a carbon monoxide leak especially if the heater is powered by fuel. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, and its effects are very deadly. So you do not want to risk exposure to it in your home.

Another thing to do when hiding your air conditioner is to blend it in the backyard of your homestead. One way you can do this is by planting and building a hedge is such a way that the air conditioner will be hidden behind. You can also plant a large trellis with vines to cover it, but be careful not to let the vines to grow too long and enter the unit since this will result into significant damage. You can also create a wonderful, creative box around it that makes it look sculptural.

The required clearance around the air conditioning units to allow them to breath differs among manufacturers. It is therefore important to know the right clearance for your unit when hiding it for it to operate properly. Make sure that whatever you use to hide the unit does not come too close to it. If they are bushes or plants, they may not restrict the air conditioner now but as they continue to grow they will get too close and then start affecting the unit’s performance. Be sure to trim the plants and bushes occasionally.