What You Should Know About The Two Main Gas Furnace

Having a gas furnace in your home is critically important especially if you come from an area that experiences very cool winters and hot summers. It is important to understand the types of furnaces that are available in order to choose one that is going to work efficiently, reliably as well as quietly. You will need to understand what makes some furnaces different from others and what you can expect from them in general. Different furnaces are usually made using different technologies in order to meet energy efficiency as well as comfort needs in your home.

One of the furnace types that you will get in the market is the conventional furnace. These types of furnaces usually exhaust combustion gases really fast implying that they will be eliminated from the chimney before they cool or condense. This means that the furnace exchanger in these furnaces does not have a lot of heat from fuel combustion.

The other furnace type that you will come across in the market is the condensing type. These ones usually capture heat even when the exhaust gases from the combustion have become cooler or condensed. They usually have two heat exchangers that make this possible. One exchanger is usually used for primary heat exchange while the other is used for handling the corrosive gases that come from the unit’s exhaust system. The exhaust gases are usually depleted of heat till the water condensate in them gets out of the heat exchanger. The flue gases usually escape from a plastic PVC pipe as opposed to a chimney as it is in the other system.

The conventional and condensing furnace types are further broken down according to how their burners and blowers operate. The difference comes from the level of sophistication of the technology that is used for controlling the blower as well as burner. Some of them have a type of furnace that is referred to as a single stage furnace which happens to be the least expensive. Their burner and blower usually has one “on” stage. Another type of furnace is usually a two stage furnace that is otherwise referred to as a dual stage furnace. This one has electronic controls that make it possible for the burner flame as well as the burner itself to be on whether it is at a high or low setting depending on the level of heat you require in your house.

Another type of furnace according to how burners and blowers of conventional and condensing furnaces operate is the modulating furnace. This one has electric controls for the burner as well as blower motor that make it possible for fine adjustments to be done to the burner setting as well as blower motor speed. The controls are used for modulating the burner and blower in order to keep the temperature inside your house as close to the thermostat setting as possible.

Whichever type of furnace you purchase, efficiency is something that you need to consider seriously. An efficient furnace will not only make you more comfortable in your house, it will also consume little energy and as a result your cost for bills will also be down.