Facts About An Air-Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are among the few types of renewable energy heat pumps that usually absorb heat from sustainable sources. They absorb air and then pump it through a compressor in order to increase temperature before they use it to heat homes as well as small businesses. They use a quite simple system compared to the other devices. The system comprises of a heat exchanger, a compressor and an evaporator coil. Installation of the air-source heat pumps is quite simple and they can simply take out heat from the air around even if it is below 15 degrees.

The air source heat pump can work in many climates. It usually carries the heat that is generated either to the heating system or fan depending on what you have installed in your home. By far, the biggest benefit of using this kind of heat pump is reduced pollution. The carbon emissions in your home could be slashed by 800 to 5410 depending on the size as well as efficiency of the pump that you are using. The air source heat pumps also do not take much room compared to ground source heat pumps and others. This makes them most suitable for small gardens.

All you need in order to install an air source heat pump is usually a mountable wall. It will be best if it is a spot that is somehow exposed to some daily sunlight. Once the pump is fitted, that is all. No regular checks will need to be done on it. But you will need to do a quick service on it at least one time every year just to make sure that its antifreeze are adequate to avoid the pipes freezing up. The air source heat pump usually has a lifespan of about 20 years and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

The cost of an air source heat pump is mostly dependent on the size as well as the amount of energy you require in your home. You will usually find them at a range of between 5000 US dollars to 10000 US dollars and thus they are among the least expensive renewable energy systems that are available in the market. The cost of running them will also vary, but the costs for an average household for a year will be around 400 US dollars to 500 US dollars.

What matters most when you are purchasing the air source heat pump is the size as well as the technology that has been used to make them. They are mostly ideal for people that have minimal heating needs as well as those that would like to experience the cost-efficient benefits that result from usage of electricity. They use the basic principle of extracting heat from the outside air. There are also air source heat pumps that can transfer heat to inside air or transfer it to a tank of water. Such systems might be useful under certain circumstances.