Zone Air Conditioning Systems in A Nutshell

Zoned air conditioning systems are an ideal choice for a home that experiences varying temperatures in different rooms. They will be able to direct more heated or cooled air to the areas in the home where it is needed, and less air to the places where it is not needed. If you have a house that has rooms with vaulted ceilings, they will have a difficult time retaining heat. Rooms that receive sunlight for many hours on the other hand will have a difficult time cooling down. These are just but some of the reasons why you may experience uneven temperatures in your house. But with zoned air conditioning systems, you will be able to overcome these problems.

Zoned air conditioning systems usually involve multiple thermostats that have been wired to a control panel. These thermostats constantly read the temperature of the specific zones where they are located, and then they either close or open the dampers within the ductwork depending on their settings. This kind of air conditioning is not only important for rooms that experience varying temperatures, but it is also great when it comes to regulating temperatures in individual bedrooms based on the desired setting.

Zoning air conditioning systems can also help you reduce the amount of money you spend on energy bills as long as they are used properly. They can save you approximately 30 percent on a typical heating or cooling bill. Even though this may not seem like a lot of money when seen individually, but it can add up to a very huge sum as you continue to use the air conditioning system. You will also be able to save energy by running temperature controlled air to rooms that are not in use more often, for instance guest rooms.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to transitioning to zoning air conditioning systems because of the initial installation cost. Even though this is an understandable concern, it is the long term benefits of using these types of heating and cooling systems that should be of great concern. The initial installation cost may be a bit higher, but the money you will be able to save from the usage of the system will pay up eventually. It is better to install system that will help you save money than install one that will end up being costly to operate.

The setup of the zoning air conditioning system in your home will be affected by the number of zones that are needed. A two-zone system will be ideal if the zones in the home are fairly equal in size. In this case, the ductwork for each zone should be able to handle up to seventy percent of the air that is produced by the HVAC system. A three-zone system will be ideal if zones are as close as possible in total area. The ductwork for each zone should be able to handle fifty percent of the air produced by the HVAC system in this case. You can also use a four-zone system, but it will require more work compared to the others.