Air-Conditioning System – Central vs. Split System

If you live in a place that experiences extremely high temperatures at some point during the year, having an air conditioning system to alter the properties of the air in your home to favorable conditions will be necessary. You do not have to put up with the heat. But you will also need to consider the efficiency of the air conditioning system that you will install in your home. You have to make sure that it is a system that suits your budget and cools your house to a temperature that you are comfortable with.

The air conditioning systems come in two forms; the central air conditioning system and the split air conditioning system. In both systems, the evaporator and the fan which are usually located inside the house are usually separated by some distance from the condenser and fan that are located outside the house. The evaporator of the central air conditioning system is usually placed inside the AC unit of forced air heating system that is used for distributing cool air throughout the house during summer. It is placed in the attic or basement since it is considerably large.

The split system does not distribute the air throughout the house like the central air conditioning system does. Instead, it distributes the cool air to only a single room or space, and thus it is popularly referred to as a single zone air conditioner. Most split systems are usually flexible and have got multiple heads that are attached to the condenser. This allows them to cool more than one room or space at the same time. The design of these systems allows the compressor and the evaporator to be placed further away from the inside space of the building.

When it comes to the efficiency of these systems, both the central air conditioning systems and the split systems are rated highly. It is however very important to check the seasonal efficiency ratio (SEER) of the air conditioner you are purchasing to determine its efficiency. The most efficient air conditioning systems usually have higher SEER ratings, so if a system has a low rating you will need to think twice before you invest your money in it. An efficient air conditioning system should have a minimum SEER rating of 13.

Price is one of the biggest concerns when buying the air conditioning systems, so it is important to do a comparison. Central air conditioners and split systems that are large are usually in the same price range. Small split systems are considerably cheaper. If you are operating on a tight budget and you still want to get an efficient air conditioner, you can shop online or in your locality for the best offers or look for systems that are on sale. The central air conditioners may cost you a little bit more due to the addition of duct-work as well as increased labor during its installation. A split system is very easy to install, so you will not pay a lot of money for labor.