What You Should Know About Ductless Air Conditioning

If you have been wondering what a ductless air conditioning is, it is actually an air conditioning that does not have ductwork. It usually has two main parts, one which is a large unit that is placed outside of the home while the other is a small unit that is used for cooling inside a house or office. There is a pair of refrigerated coils between the two parts. One coil takes away warmer air outside the house and the other provides cooler refrigerated air. Every system has been equipped with a thermostat control as well as very quiet blower fan which moves air around the unit and home efficiently.

Ductless air conditioning systems usually have a lot of advantages compared to the standard systems. You will be amazed with the level of comfort this air conditioning provides to your home if you obtain it. The unit brings stable temperature in your home or office and makes it a very comfortable place to live or work. Another advantage of this system is that you will not need to move it out of the window when it becomes cooler outside.

If you maintain the ductless air conditioning system correctly, it will provide you with many years of reliability as well as increased energy efficiency. Just like any other machine, you will need to make sure that it is checked regularly to ensure that all of its components are operating properly. The ductless air conditioning systems is designed to be used in multifamily dwelling as well as room additions where you cannot extend using ductwork.

These air conditioning systems usually have between one and four indoor air handlers. Each handler is controlled by a different thermostat. Since the handlers are controlled separately, they make it possible for users in different areas of the home or office to be in charge of their own temperature without depending on the people in the other rooms. They usually have a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. But if you want them to reach reliable operation, you will need to change the filters in the handler on preferably a monthly basis.

Inside the air conditioner, cooling lines can easily form ice in the event that dirt as well as debris prevents air from circulating freely. If you change the filter, the chances of that happening will be substantially reduced. The evaporator coil that is located in the outdoor unit can also freeze and fail to maintain cool temperature in your home if it gets blocked by debris. You therefore need to make sure that it is kept clear of debris such as weeds, grass, leaves as well as anything that may cause a lack of circulation.

It is not difficult to maintain a ductless air conditioning system so that it can continue working efficiently for a long time. Failure to maintain it properly may lead to breakdowns which can be very expensive to fix. If the maintenance that needs to be done on the system is beyond your understanding, be sure to talk to a professional to help you do that.