The Pros of Geothermal Energy

Deep within the earth, there is an enormous amount of geothermal energy that is replenished at a very high rate. The following are some of the advantages that this energy will have to your family.

Consistency in Energy Production

Geothermal energy is reliable in supply regardless of the weather conditions. Since it originates from deep within the ground where temperatures do not change, you will have it in constant supply on a 24 hour basis. Other sources of energy are usually affected heavily by weather conditions such as rain, sunshine and wind which vary. Geothermal energy will not be affected by these conditions.


It is easy to sustain geothermal energy since geothermal heating from the earth can never run out. It is completely environmental friendly and unrestricted source of energy that does not emit any dangerous greenhouse gases. It does not have any hidden costs unlike fossil fuel and gas which face exploitation by animals and vegetation, land degradation, forced extinction and they also have health effects to humans.

Less Expensive

Compared to fossil fuels, geothermal energy is considerably less expensive. It can help you to save about 80% over the non-renewable fuels. No fuel is used to generate power, and as a result costs for purchasing, transporting as well as cleaning up plants are quite low.

No pollution

Use of geothermal energy does not create any pollution and it helps in creating a clean environment. It has been of great help in reducing not only pollution, but also global warming. No pollution is created during the release of geothermal energy since it releases gases that are not harmful to the environment from deep within the earth.

Direct Use

From way back, geothermal energy has been used for heating homes, taking bath and preparing food. Nowadays, it is also commonly used for heating homes and offices directly. As a result, geothermal energy is quite cheaper and affordable. You might invest on it heavily during installation but in the long run you will find it quite useful and you will save a lot of money from its use.

It is Base Load Energy

This implies that its power supply is constantly on, or it might be turned off when necessary. For this reason, a lot of utility corporations prefer base load as well as dispatchable power creation. Geothermal power plants can be operational at about 85% to 95% capacity without stopping. This is well above classic base load generation as well as coal.

Job Creation and Economic Benefits

In many countries, geothermal energy has created many jobs for local people. This is why you will find many governments across the world investing heavily in geothermal energy. It also contributes to the stability of the countries by reducing the need to import energy.

Broadly Accessible

Geothermal energy can be found anywhere there is ground. A lot of gigawatts of electrical energy can be generated from it using techniques such as EGS all over the world.