Pros and Cons of Centralized Air-Conditioning

Centralized air conditioning units are very good when it comes to providing an awesome temperature in your entire home compared to single room air conditioners or window units that only offer limited comfort in the rooms. If you especially live in areas that heat up during the summer months, having a central air conditioner in your house will be of great benefits.

Among the benefits you will get for installing a central air conditioner is the level of comfort that you will get. Since they cool the entire home, you will feel more comfortable compared to if you had installed individual units in various rooms throughout the house. This way, you will not walk out of one room that has been cooled by an individual unit only to encounter warm air as you exit from it. Most centralized air conditioning systems also run quietly. You will barely hear the system running, except for a slight click as well as a blowing sound that is produced when the thermostat kicks the system on. This air conditioner will not disrupt your enjoyment while you are in the house.

Another good thing about a centralized air conditioner is that when it is installed, it does not leave any visible signs in or around your home except for the air compressor unit that is usually placed in an obscure place either in the back or the side of your home. It gives the home very good aesthetics. This system is usually controlled by a thermostat that turns it on and off as needed in order to keep the home at a constant temperature. Some of the systems have programmable thermostats that have the ability to change the temperature in the house at various times during the day as well a night depending on your schedule. This not only keeps your home comfortable, but it also helps to conserve electricity.

Even though the centralized air conditioning systems have a lot of benefits, there is a little bit of downside to them. Since they are meant to cover entire household rather than the rooms in the house, the operating cost associated with them also rises tremendously. This is because they require added electricity to run compared to individual window units. Also, since the air conditioners are required to fit the size of homes, when doors are closed, the systems might not work properly since they need to flow through the entire household.

Another disadvantage of the centralized air conditioners is that they work until the temperature of the house reaches a designated level. This implies that the whole house has to be totally sealed off. In case a window is left open somewhere, hot air can rapidly get into the house and this make the air conditioning system to continue running. As a result, a lot of electricity will be consumed and ultimately your bills will also go up.